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These are usually pay-as-you-go contracts, so you won't get locked into a contract. You will need your passport and Russian visa if required to buy a SIM card.

Nizhny Novgorod Metro: Address, Phone Number, Nizhny Novgorod Metro Reviews: 4/5

If you're staying within big cities for only a few days you can use color as the criteria to choose the operator. However, an important factor is the coverage and whether your operator speaks English. Among the main 4 operators only BeeLine the yellow one has an English-language website where you can order a SIM and top up online.

On the other hand, Megafon the green one has English-language telephone support and better coverage in the Northern regions and wherever BeeLine fails, so get their SIM as a backup one or in case you run out of your traffic for any reason and can't top up. Another thing you should watch out for is that all the Russian cell phone operators love to send spam text messages asking you to subscribe for the stuff that you don't need. You won't lose all your money, but if you don't have much credit, you might run out of it quicker than you expected.

MTS the red one is known to do this sort of thing the least of all, so that's something in their favor. If you're going camping or traveling to the countryside, you can check the coverage for each operator on their respective mobile network coverage maps.

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. History, Tourism, Economy, Sports

Tele2 has even slightly worse coverage than MTS, but they deliver 4G fast-speed internet in remote areas where others only offer 3G. Petersburg, Irkutsk , so the biggest problem with CDMA is that you won't be able to use the same telephone in several cities. However, back in the days they used to start from 8 wait for a dial tone and then the rest of the digits.

We highly recommend you to get WhatsApp as virtually everyone uses it in Russia.

Also Viber online calling and messaging is pretty popular, especially in the province. Telegram is popular but you might need a VPN for that. Among other apps Maps. Me is great because you can download the map to your phone and use it without the internet great for camping and traveling.

Also get the local Yandex Maps and Yandex Navi for maps and navigation — sometimes they have much more precise data and English-language versions are available for both. You'll also use Uber for taxi rides, but the local Russian Uber is owned by Yandex Taxi so get their app as well also has an English version and very good coverage in almost every city in Russia. For car sharing in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities get YouDrive and Delimobil apps — these will have your traveling needs covered.

You might be interested to know that there are about million active SIM cards in Russia for million of the population. Comments, Questions, Feedback? If you have a question, please, post it in Way to Russia forum or tweet waytorussia. For comments and feedback about this article, use the form below.

The name tells you exactly what to expect at this laid-back watering hole — guitar rock, cold beers and occasional live bands. Enjoy first-class mixology at this snazzy restaurant and cocktail bar on the main drag in the centre; vodka infused with birch sap is the house speciality. Traditional Russian dishes dominate menus in Nizhny Novgorod, but sushi chains provide variety for more adventurous palates.

In summer, inexpensive kiosks set up close to the Chkalov Staircase, catering to the summer crowds on the Volga embankment. Expect lots of razzle-dazzle at this ritzy restaurant and bar with views across the Volga; dress to impress for a table at dinner. Set in a handsome mansion downtown, Pyatkin serves traditional Russian food in a classic Russian setting.

An old-fashioned Uzbek restaurant with lots of hearty stews, grills and finger-licking shashlik kebabs. Galleries, museums and heritage buildings throughout the city open their doors for an evening crammed with special events. Visitors can join late-night behind-the-scenes tours, meet local artists, watch craft demonstrations and historical reenactments, and enjoy live concerts, plays and poetry recitals. Stalls spring up selling handicrafts and sweet pastries, while activities range from breakdancing, board game and karaoke contests to a soapbox race, concerts and a sparkling fireworks display.

Not only does this festival boast an enviable line-up of international DJs think Paul Oakenfold or Markus Schulz , but it also gives festivalgoers a chance to test future technologies and gadgets galore such as virtual reality headsets, YikeBikes and 3D printing. On display is a glittering array of rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets and just about anything else that sparkles. Celebrated throughout Russia, this national holiday commemorates an uprising which liberated Moscow from Polish-Lithuanian forces in Processions, patriotic speeches, theatrical shows and wreath laying, often accompanied by brass bands or bell ringing, are all part of the solemn occasion.

December Website. Shoppers have a phenomenal selection of goods to browse at this huge Christmas fair. Dedicated to Russian author, poet and playwright Alexander Pushkin, this festival has been going strong for three decades. All information subject to change. Hotels in Nizhny Novgorod range from boutique properties in period mansions and dock buildings to smart business hotels with Wi-Fi and other mod cons.

Friendly service and clean, spacious rooms mark out this modern business-class hotel in a prime location close to the Kremlin.

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Across the River Oka but still close to the centre, the Nikitin has tastefully decorated rooms and an appealing setting in a converted dock building near the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Compact, tidy rooms in a modern tower downtown, close to the Bolshaya Pokrovskaya shopping strip.

Nizhny Novgorod – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

Minus the overly tanned pensioners of course. While the notion of visiting a snow-blanketed Moscow or St Petersburg has a definite romance, most tourists prefer to come calling in the warm summer months of June, July and August. Spring is often characterised by slushy roads. Seasonal climates apply elsewhere in Russia — Siberia can have devastatingly cold winters, while its summers are generally fairly pleasant, if a little rainy. The region of Russia near the Black Sea has mild winters, but again attracts a fair amount of rain.

When dialling the Russian Federation from abroad, the 0 of the area code must not be omitted. Most Moscow hotels have telephone booths with IDD.

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For long-distance calls within the CIS Commonwealth of Independent States , dial 8 then wait for the dial tone before proceeding with the call. Collect calls, calls placed using credit cards and calls from direct dial telephones in hotels can be extremely expensive. International calls can be made from phones in the street and phonecards are available from many shops and kiosks in the street. For enquiries regarding Moscow private telephone numbers dial 09; for businesses, dial Roaming agreements exist with international mobile phone companies.

All major cities are covered by at least one operator. Handsets can be hired from some companies and local SIM cards are easily purchased for use within Russia if you have an unlocked handset. Wi-Fi is available within most hotels in larger cities although they may charge and at internet cafes. Most connections will be either via dial up or broadband. Although Russia does not ostensibly censor the internet, there is an internet blacklist of sites which you will not be able to visit from inside Russia, which includes some independent news sites. Lined with boutiques, department stores and bars, ulitsa Bolshaya Pokrovskaya is the place to start a shopping spree in Nizhny Novgorod.

There are a few old-fashioned markets in the suburbs, but downtown, most people shop in the malls. Modern shopping malls abound in Nizhny Novgorod, with the usual range of Russian and global brands and snack franchises. Fantastika ulitsa Rodionova is the biggest and brightest mall, but you can also find a good range of stores at the Mega Mall in Feyakovo and Respublika ploshchad Revolyutsii.

It is customary to shake hands when greeting someone, though never across a threshold. Conservative wear is suitable for most places — women will need to cover shoulders and wear long skirts to enter an orthodox church — and the seasonal weather should always be borne in mind. Smoking and drinking is acceptable unless stated otherwise. Failure to abide by this could result in police arrest. In general, Russia does not pose any serious health risks when it comes to food. Use common sense and caution when deciding what might be safe to eat.

Tap water is drinkable, although those with sensitive stomachs may want to stick to bottled water. Similarly, some may want to make sure that water used for brushing teeth or making ice has been boiled or otherwise sterilised. Milk is pasteurised and dairy products are safe for consumption.

Be mindful that eating salads may have vegetables washed in tap water; you may want to stick to well-cooked meals for the duration of your stay. Vegetables should be cooked and fruit peeled. Vaccinations are sometimes recommended for Japanese B encephalitis, meningococcal meningitis and tick-borne encephalitis. It is a trusted, centralized source for the latest international travel requirements. The IATA Travel Centre is the most accurate source available because it is based on a comprehensive database used by virtually every airline, and information is gathered from official sources worldwide, such as immigration and police authorities.

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