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Navy aircraft in some capacity. Active duty squadrons are typically commanded by a Commander. The XO typically assumes command of the squadron after approximately 15 months. Within the departments are Divisions each typically headed by a Lieutenant and Branches headed by a Lieutenant, junior grade or a Chief Petty Officer. Reserve squadrons are also commanded by a Commander, with another Commander as the XO who will also assume command after approximately 15 months.

However, reserve squadron demographics are typically older and more senior in rank than their active duty squadron counterparts.

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Department Heads in reserve squadrons are typically senior Lieutenant Commanders, although some may be recently promoted Commanders. Where this difference in maturity level becomes more apparent is at the Division Officer level. Since most officers in reserve squadrons previously served on active duty in the Regular Navy in a flying status for eight to ten or more years, they are typically already Lieutenant Commanders, or achieve that rank shortly after transferring to the Navy Reserve.

As a result, Lieutenants are a minority and Lieutenants, junior grade, practically non-existent in reserve squadrons. Navy aircraft are classified by Type rotary wing, fixed wing , Model e. SH , and Series e. Squadrons can be categorized in a number of ways: Active versus Navy Reserve, land-based versus sea-based, fixed wing versus rotary wing helicopter vs Unmanned aerial vehicle UAV , and by mission. An exception to this is that US Navy destroyers and submarines are administratively grouped by "squadrons". Active squadrons are those in the regular US Navy.

Reserve squadrons are in the US Navy Reserve and are manned by a combination of full-time and part-time reservists. For the most part, there is no way to know by the squadron's name alone whether it is an active or reserve squadron. There are Reserve elements of many Active squadrons, and active duty personnel serving in many Reserve squadrons.

Military Numbers

In general, reserve squadrons share the same missions as their active counterparts, although there are Reserve missions e. At any one time, the US Navy has approximately aircraft that are associated with particular ships. Navy aircraft squadrons can be properly referred to by three different names. The names can give an indication of the squadron's mission and type of aircraft. Most Navy fixed wing squadron informal names start with the letter "V". The primary mission of the Growler is Electronic Attack EA , also known as Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses SEAD in support of strike aircraft and ground troops by interrupting enemy electronic activity and obtaining tactical electronic intelligence within the combat area.

Most VAQ squadrons are carrier based, however a number are "expeditionary", deploying to overseas land bases. Transition to the E-2D Hawkeye is in progress and should be complete by The Hawkeye's primary mission is to provide all-weather airborne early warning, airborne battle management and command and control C2 functions for the carrier strike group and Joint Force Commander. Additional missions include surface surveillance coordination, air interdiction , offensive and defensive counter air control, close air support coordination, time critical strike coordination, search and rescue airborne coordination and communications relay.

The E-2 Hawkeye and C-2 Greyhound are built on the same airframe and have many similar characteristics. For this reason, both aircraft are trained for in the same Fleet Replacement Squadron. The Hornet is an all-weather aircraft that is used for attack and fighter missions. USN Fact File. United States Navy.


HSM-49 Scorpions Past and Present

With sensitive receivers and high-gain dish antennas, the EP-3E exploits a wide range of electronic emissions from deep within targeted territory. They provide survivable, reliable, and endurable airborne command, control, and communications between the National Command Authority NCA and U. The aircraft carries a very low frequency communication system with dual trailing wire antennae.

The E-6B is a dual-mission aircraft, capable of fulfilling the airborne strategic command post mission and is equipped with an airborne launch control system ALCS , which is capable of launching U. Fleet Fighter Composite squadrons provide adversary simulation for fleet squadrons.

Fleet Logistics Support squadrons operate Navy unique airlift aircraft on a worldwide basis to provide responsive, flexible, and rapidly deployable air logistics support required to sustain combat operations from the sea. During peacetime, squadrons provide air logistics support for all Navy commands as well as provide continuous quality training for mobilization readiness.

Fleet Logistics Support squadrons have no counterpart in the Regular Navy. All VR squadrons are from the Navy Reserve. These squadrons send two-plane detachments with each deploying aircraft carrier. Maritime patrol aircraft are used primarily for reconnaissance , anti-surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare.

Volume 2 of the Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons contains comprehensive histories over patrol squadrons. Some of these organizations are not technically "squadrons", however they have custody of and routinely fly Navy aircraft. US Navy helicopters are used for antisubmarine warfare, antisurface warfare, mine warfare, combat search and rescue, special operations, and vertical replenishment missions. The USN helicopter community, in accordance with the "Helicopter Master Plan", is currently undergoing a transformation to reduce costs and infrastructure.

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The plan calls for expanding warfighting capabilities, modernizing the force, necking down from eight to three aircraft types, and consolidating force structure where possible. This plan is also leading to the renaming of many squadrons. This gives the Sea Dragon the capability to carry an impressive amount of cargo, personnel or equipment over long distances.

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The Sea Dragon remains in service as the Navy's only heavy-lift helicopter and only proven mine countermeasure platform. While not intended to specifically be the MHE's replacement, the U. The first operational fleet squadron to receive the Romeo was HSM in fiscal year The new squadron designation was created to reflect the MHRs multi-mission capabilities.

The United States Navy's Helicopter Training Squadrons provide advanced helicopter flight instruction to all Navy , US Marine Corps , and United States Coast Guard helicopter flight students as well as international students from several allied nations after completion of primary flight training in one of the VT squadrons.

Students who successfully complete the program earn the right to wear the coveted " Wings of Gold. Fleet Composite squadrons' primary missions include providing fixed wing and helicopter services to the Fleet in support of the United States and Allied operational training exercises and operating the Navy's only operational Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV. This aircraft is utilized primarily in reconnaissance missions. Tactical employment of this unique asset primarily supports both Battle Group deployments and Amphibious Warfare Operations.

DHO46 Ny Olpenitz. DHO73 Ny Marienleuchte. DHO79 Ny Helgoland.

Air Wing 5 visits North Island August 2008

DHO95 Ny Cuxhaven. DOG F Eglin? Kennedy CV FMN var French Navy spoken phonetically. GAM var German Army. JIVE T MFS Base Works. MGJ Base Works.

26 Best Navy Ships images | Navy ships, Navy, Us navy

MJV Falmouth Culdrose. MKA Stanbridge. MKD Akrotiri Cyprus.


MKE Akrotiri Cyprus. MKG Stanbridge. MKH5 Cranwell. MKK Stanbridge - Piccolo. MKL Northwood. MKT Standbridge. MLD Strike Command. MLP Strike Command. MLU Gibraltar. MPD Boscombe Down. MQD Plymouth.

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MQP West Drayton. MQS Kinloss.