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3 days ago The Waterloo Police Department reports the arrest of a Seneca County Police say they resigned to an activated panic alarm coming from the Deputies say that Rodriquez violated a Class A order of protection between two parties. . High School Football, High School Hockey, High School Lacrosse.

Automated do not call - I opted for twice. Still call. Called back, pressed 1 for customer rep, kept sending me back to main menu. I received a call yesterday as well. The woman left a voicemail on my home phone. She left this as well as a Case. She was trying to reach my brother who has a different last name. She also said that this was a legal notification that charges were being filed and did not elaborate on the nature of the charges.

I have attempted to call the several times with only ringing. I would like to know who this is as well Likes to prank call alot in all hours of the day and cant stop even after several attempts to stop him or delay him. My name is Aday and im the best. Just had this ring a few seconds ago.

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A survey about network tv. Didnt answer, but I googled the number and it is a debt consolidation business. I dont have any loans. This person keep calling me and not saying anything. I feel as if I am getting harrassed. He does not understand to not call me any longer! This is from Google Voice when I changed my forwarded from my old cell to my new cell. They give you a verification number when you change the forwarding number and tell you to click 'call now'.

When the automated voice picks up it asks you to enter the validation number you were given as a security measure. I don't remember a call specifically from this phone number. But i do remember a month or so ago, I got a phone call and when I answered I heard a surprised' pre-recorded I'm sure 'hi! Yesterday I just happened to randomly check my checking account and I noticed a charge of 9.

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I haven't used my ATM card in over a week so that was very suspicious. I Google the company and found no information about them. After that event, I knew that change was coming… and it did. After that, we helped to elect a gun sense majority in the House of Representatives. When that happened, I decided to start a conversation on how to stop gun violence in my community.

South Central Los Angeles Students Demand Action organizes rallies, host panels, and speaks out against gun violence in our hometown. We focus our attention on daily gun violence. We lift up our community members to honor those who have had their lives cut short by gun violence, especially black and brown children and young people who die every day from senseless violence in our communities. We plan community events, meet with local elected officials, and develop critical leadership skills. This summer, my friends and I organized a leadership academy for low-income high school students in South Central Los Angeles.

For eight weeks, we taught fourteen students of color how to plan events against gun violence.

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At Impact Day, the final summer program event, the South Central Students Demand Action Summer Program showcased ten proposals for reducing gun violence in the coming year. We also held a dedication event with tabling, voter registration, survivor speakers, spoken word performed by youth, and were joined by our Chief of Police and Mayor. The South Side of Jersey City has been ravaged by gun violence over decades.

Everyone should have a chance to play outside without fear. I ran for my life that day. My anger at the incident has strengthened my resolve, and it is absolutely my duty to empower and support survivors and their families. This event brought together major violence prevention groups in the greater Hudson County area for a march through Greenville, a Jersey City community greatly impacted by gun violence. Students Demand Action Hudson County is committed to building and maintaining relationships in our community. We engage legislators, violence interrupters, and survivors in our work.

Our group does regular outreach to communities with a focus on those most impacted by gun violence in Jersey City.

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We empower those who have felt ignored over the years, because we believe that those who are closest to the violence, are closest to the solution. Three days after that senseless act of violence, we started Students Demand Action Miami. Ever since that day, we have been educating and engaging with the community on the issue of gun violence.

We believe that if we continue the conversation and demand action from our leaders, there will be an end to gun violence. Our goals for the coming year are to have a Students Demand Action group in the majority of high schools in Miami, register and inform future voters on the voting process and gun sense candidates, and urge our elected officials to pass common sense gun laws.

Finally, we would also like to engage more minority students to be part of the conversation as it relates to gun violence prevention. In the late summer of , the Miami group of Students Demand Action worked very hard to organize a benefit concert called Life Over Bullets to happen in late September, Our goal was to spread awareness on the gun violence that affects our community by donating to local organizations that have been working hard to end gun violence in South Florida.

This was going to be a major event and none of us had any experience in planning a benefit concert. However, that did not stop us. The event was a powerful night with people walking away with tears, hope, passion, and a readiness to engage in the movement. Being a part of this movement is hard, but when I feel down I think about all the survivors who fight every day to end gun violence.

Their strength keeps me going. Bring the power of Students Demand Action to your school or community by starting a group! Learn more and get started. Apply to start a local Students Demand Action group. After that, we had a gun sense majority in the House of Representatives. Download our toolkit on how to hold a voter registration drive in your community.

Send an email asking Congress to require background checks on all gun sales and a Red Flag law. This is our time. Help us hold elected leaders accountable by making sure your voter registration is up to date. Criminal background checks are the foundation of any effort to reduce gun violence across America.

The system works — more than three million illegal gun sales have been blocked in the past 20 years. But half of all Americans still live in states where a convicted felon, domestic abuser or fugitive can simply skip a background check by finding an unlicensed seller at a gun show or online. Lawmakers need to close this dangerous loophole, and further strengthen the system by ensuring all background checks are completed before guns are sold and empowering law enforcement to pursue people who illegally try and fail to purchase guns.

The government needs to do its part in this fight by funding new research into gun violence; community-driven, evidence-based interventions to curb city gun violence; and new tools to help law enforcement collect evidence, trace all crime guns, reduce trafficking, and solve gun crimes. More than half of women murdered with guns in the U.

Lawmakers should protect all victims of domestic violence, including non-married partners, by preventing abusers from possessing firearms after a criminal conviction or while under a restraining order. And the law must ensure that abusers actually turn in their guns after becoming prohibited from possessing guns in a court of law.

Unlike any other major industry, the gun industry is shielded from accountability for business practices that directly threaten public safety and put American lives at risk. As a result, there has been no cost to the industry for failing to make guns safer or for marketing weapons and hardware that have no place in the hands of civilians. Lawmakers must reverse the special treatment for the industry that too often bars the courtroom door to gun violence survivors. Far too often, law enforcement or family members see warning signs that a person with access to guns may be a threat to themselves or others, but are helpless to do anything about it.

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Red Flag Laws can prevent mass shootings and reduce gun suicides by allowing family members and police to ask a judge to temporarily block a person from possessing firearms if they pose a threat to themselves or others. We must also limit easy access to firearms and accessories capable of inflicting mass casualties and require safe and responsible storage of all guns.

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