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3 days ago The Waterloo Police Department reports the arrest of a Seneca County Police say they resigned to an activated panic alarm coming from the Deputies say that Rodriquez violated a Class A order of protection between two parties. . High School Football, High School Hockey, High School Lacrosse.

Last Updated: Apr 17 - pm. Index to San Mateo County Obituaries. This collection currently includes over 76, indexed and scanned obituaries as well as a large collection of obituaries that are indexed elsewhere. See research to obtain digital copies of those as well as the added obituaries.

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Last Updated: Jan 8 - pm. Early Court Records. Last Updated: Nov 27 - am. Last Updated: Jan 29 - pm.

San Francisco County, CA Vital Records

Lis Pendens Index. Notifications filed with the County that a lawsuit had been filed involving property within the county. This is an index to records filed in drawers A in the county record center. Records date from the s through the early s. Last Updated: Nov 21 - pm.

California vital Records

Jury Lists When both existed for the same time and court, double entries were eliminated. There are many gaps in the lists. Some lists name the court that has requested jurors, others do not. Some lists give a residence address others do not. Last Updated: Jul 23 - pm. Sheriff's Office Booking Registers. It was not uncommon for homeless residents to lodge in the jail. You can find not only the aged and disabled who had no means of support, but also those travelling into the county to find work.

Often time of residence is listed as one day. The records give a wealth of information. Besides the surname, given name and alias you will find the day of incarceration, occupation, age, height, weight, time in county, state and U, where picked up, by whom, the justice, the code under which the person was picked up, hour of arrest, hour of release, number of meals served, sentence, date of commitment, date of discharge, fines paid and a column for further remarks.

Please reach out to SMC Health Communications for support.

This index which includes volumes and includes more than 60, entries. Visit the library or see the research page to obtain a copy. The location of Volumes and Volume 13 is unknown. We believe that may be in the Historical Association offsite collections. It is possible that volume 13 which would have entries during WWII years was not bound and did not survive.

Last Updated: Mar 1 - pm. An index to the land records of San Mateo County. See the pdf file for information on where to find the records. Last Updated: Jan 26 - pm. Sheriff's Sales, Executions and Attachments Types of Documents include: Sheriff's Certificate of Sale names include sheriff and purchaser of land p and if found name of original land owner o a plaintiff is also often listed as in the case of a lawsuit the land is sold to satisfy it.

In a tax delinquency the plantiff is the people ; Sheriff's Certificate of Sale on Foreclosure Specific to mortgage holders; Sheriff's Certificate of Redemption; Copy of Writ of Attachment a court order to "attach" or seize an asset. It is issued by a court to a law enforcement officer or sheriff. The writ of attachment is issued in order to satisfy a judgment issued by the court. Such property will often then be sold in a sheriff's sale and the proceeds remunerated to the plaintiff in partial or full satisfaction of the judgment.

Last Updated: Mar 15 - pm. Sales by the County Tax Collector The earliest records are found only in the drawers, later records are found in both the books and the drawers, however, some certificates for sales to the People of the State of California were not found. Information includes owner, purchaser, a description of the land and whether the land has been redeemed. Many of these "sales" are in fact pseudo loans for those unable to pay the taxes when due.

Homestead Index. Index to volumes San Mateo County Homesteads, covering the years through There are also references to homesteads filed in Deeds. Images of the Homestead volumes are available on FamilySearch. Last Updated: Apr 27 - pm. Name Index to Unrecorded Maps. This is an index to 54 volumes of subdivision maps located in the San Mateo County Record Repository.

Names were added to the maps by the County Assessors Office in the first few decades of the 2oth century. The volumes cover most areas of the county.

A Genealogy Guide for Finding Obituaries, Cemetery Burials and Death Records

Links are available on database cover page. Last Updated: Mar 13 - pm. Water Appropriation Appliations.

These applications for the rights to previously unappropriated state water can include maps, protests of the appropriations and other treasures for those researching in the county. They date from the s to the s and include applications by both individuals and companies farms, land developers and water.

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Last Updated: Oct 17 - pm. Lease Index An Index to recorded leases Leases might include maps, inventories, building plans and more.

Last Updated: Oct 22 - pm. Naturalization Prior to 25 Sep These records are available unindexed on FamilySearch. Naturalization Camp Fremont Naturalization Records. Those non-citizens who served in the US Forces during WWI were able to become naturalized before they were discharged.

This is an index to the 13 volumes of Petitions of those who were discharged from Camp Fremont Menlo Park in and No Declaration of Intention was required. If there is a film reel icon, then it is only available in microfilm format, not digital. You do not need a subscription, but do need an Ancestry account. Without a subscription you can view indexes. If there is an image associated with a record, in most cases you will need a subscription, but the index does include very usable information. Joan Doyle.

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Kenneth R Marks. Jennifer Bryan. Free Resource Links. Facebook Page. Learn more. In this page:. Services Forensic services Get a San Francisco death certificate You can apply for a copy of a death certificate for someone who died in San Francisco after Search unidentified persons We post drawings of John and Jane Doe s to help people identify them. Download brochure.

Resources Annual Reports from to Includes charts on deaths involving vehicles, deaths involving firearms, suicides and childhood deaths. Forensic examinations by a medical examiner What happens when a body is sent for a forensic exam and how long it will take. How is a Medical Examiner different from a Coroner?