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3 days ago The Waterloo Police Department reports the arrest of a Seneca County Police say they resigned to an activated panic alarm coming from the Deputies say that Rodriquez violated a Class A order of protection between two parties. . High School Football, High School Hockey, High School Lacrosse.

Just like them deplorable cowards. Every time a well educated black politician becomes a threat to the power to be. Talking about John James? I agree, he would make a great senator for the good people of Michigan. Besides, if he doesnt like it, he can take it up with The Supreme Court.

Cory Booker must pay. Lets see how he likes a taste of his own medicine. Shoot the lip at Kavanuagh will he. He wants to play dirty politics. Lets see how Spartacus likes it. Allegations for all. Haha haha Allegations for all on the left. Bye bye scumbag Cory Booker. No evidence? Where have we heard that before?

Cory was willing to believe any accusation against Kavanaugh with NO evidence. Look in the mirror for the real anus. Be nice to read the article.

SJC & Appeals Court Cases By Name, L-M

Every time its about libs when you go to article it goes back home. FB playin their fuckin games?

19 investigates: Ohio sex offenders hiding from the police

Listen to yourselves. All that was left after the investigation was Dr. Just kidding. Typical hypocritical liberals. Bullshit ……. Remember Dr Ford???

This is total BS set up by scared Republicans. I call BS! Word is, Robert Mueller and his crew will be available soon. They can handle this for the next couple of years. You mean like that thorough investigation that was done on Mr. Though honestly, his opening statement outburst disqualified him for the Supreme Court in any case.

Did you? No, of course not. Carol Rhoades Melby.


Countless investigations that produced countless crimes which were ignored by the corrupt dems. Im conservative. In fact, Comey gave no list of crimes committed by Hillary. She was exonerated a month before the hearing by the criminal comey. You are unbelievable!

Here we go again! Where did he come from? Why not come out before?. What the hell Cory keep poncey on those Republicans. I believe in the presumption of innocence. Let Mr. Booker defend himself, and be faced by his accuser in front of a Congressional hearing. Fake news,still have to watch out for Russian,China and Iraq still trying to politically mess with our Election. Who is it? Why is there no other information about it? Unlike Kavanaugh, he admitted it and apologized and learned from it.

And it was in So now go troll somewhere else. Admitted what?? Nothing other then an allegation … allegation. But Booker obviously admitted to something that did happen.. I swear you Democrats have lost your damn mind.

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I would never want to associate myself with a bunch of hypocrites. It has nothing to do with his actions in college. Barbara Wisdom, you are a perfect example of an oxymoron with a last name of Wisdom. How about if you Liberals vote for the Democrats and we silent majority vote for our candidates? And please, no Illegals, Dead people, or multiple votes.

Now that would be a novel idea. Mickie, last I knew all races with ID are able to vote. The ID is needed because of that pesky law that states you must be alive and a citizen of the US oh yeah, legal and a resident of the state you are voting in. Purging those names are needed to make room for all the new eligible voters.


Registered sex offenders in Columbus, Ohio - crimes listed, registry-based, living in this city

Helen H Hunt , lady you are a piece of work. West coasters from your area have been in the rain too long. Your heads have mold instead of brain matter. Keep up the good work with your Antifa and BMM. In my neck of the woods, all lives matter, dead people are not voters, and we grow and raise our food. We usually are courteous but not to ignorant liberals. To bad your not white, first to ask for your resignation is senator Collins, senator Graham, senator Greasly, senator Flack good luck as for me Sir.

Here we go again!! Gop trying to get rid of all the strong ones. Sounds like the Kav thing … where is the I believe survivors?? Where is the faux outrage?? Kavs accuser has no more proof then this guy.. True or not it exposes the hypocrisy.. And most importantly it pushes any blue fence sitters over to red.. See the double standards when one of their own is exposed. Absolute marvel to watch u elitist groupthink people unraveling it is explosive. Has been accessed by 19 Women who have come forward with accusations of Sexual Misconduct Accusations against Him.

Michael S Gregory Sr. Second, second, who saw this? Is it a reliable witness? What was he wearing?


Was he teasing?