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That's what I truly love about the courses - profound and precise details of each and every small and large appellation presented. Kimberly Holland, FWS. I highly recommend enrolling if you want a thorough understanding of the wine regions and the wines of France. Studying the Spanish Wine Scholar was full of surprises, and deeply inspiring! Tomi Naarvala, SWS.

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This information is virtually impossible to obtain elsewhere. Stephen Kennard, IWS. Without doubt the IWS has fueled a renewed passion for Italy: its wines, food and culture. Jennifer Rossi, FWS. The FWS program has opened my eyes to the diversity of wines that France has to offer. Kate Hall, SWS. It has made me more confident and adventurous when selecting Spanish wines. Ulf Sundelin, FWS. The FWS education was exactly what I was looking for. Large in scope and thorough in its material. Lisa Lehar, SWS. The program taught me about wine regions and grapes, but it also gave me an insight into the history, geology, culture and food of Spain.

Emma Foster, IWS.

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The Italian Wine Scholar course provides so much more detail and depth of information than my previous wine studies. The FWS program is a detailed look at France that perfectly complements my higher studies in wine. Tim Killeen, FWS. The course really opened my eyes to AOCs and styles of French wine.. Cecilia Torres, FWS. FWS was my first international certificate, which inspired me to take formal French language classes.

Crystal Us, FWS. The FWS Program was an important step in obtaining the knowledge, as well as credibility, in order to achieve my goal. Bryn Mohr, FWS. The FWS program was very challenging, but so rewarding. Phyllis Chan, IWS.

Accomplishing the IWS program certainly helps build up a solid foundation of Italian wine knowledge. Ciro Pirone, IWS. The IWS added another layer of complexity and in-depth knowledge that I will carry with me. Lyndsey Wylie, IWS. IWS was perfect for me.

I loved the approach and materials Vanessa Simpson, FWS. The title of French Wine Scholar is a great stepping stone for my career.

Richard Milot. My first experience at the Master Level has whet my thirst for more. Flora Leung, FWS. It has aroused my interest in the histories, cultures and foods of wine producing regions. Rudy Chan, FWS. The FWS program is just perfect for me to continue my journey in wine. The FWS showed me there are a lot of high quality wines being made out there not getting the attention they deserve. Helena Edgerton, FWS. It was wonderful to focus my study purely on French wine regions, their history, French appellations Ginny Endecott, FWS.

Michael Wilson, FWS. FWS built on my previous knowledge base but significantly and greatly improved upon it. Sariya Kampanathsanyakorn, IWS. Kimberly Cannon, FWS. Receiving my certification validates that this is not only my passion, but also my career path. Rita Loyd, FWS. My favourite sections of IWS are the histories, geography and food traditions of each region. Zach Bulow, FWS. The FWS program gave me the confidence to be conversant in the wine regions of France.

Paulo Brammer, FWS. My constant pursuit of perfecting my knowledge has made my FWS studies pleasing and complementary. Julie Draper, FWS. The FWS has been instrumental in making me more insightful, precise and efficient at my job. Aron Veen, IWS. I was drawn to the flexibility the Wine Scholar Guild offers.

Joel Peavy, FWS. I can now talk to French wine experts the world over, discussing wine and regions thoughtfully with authority,.

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Noelle Harman, IWS. I knew that if I was going to tackle this region, that the IWS program was going to be my best bet. Matt Marcewicz, IWS. The IWS program gave me a deep overview of the huge world of Italian wine. Kevin Day, IWS.


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The context, the frame of reference, the level of expertise on Italian wine … it is all so much deeper now. Cary Chappell, IWS. The WSG has given me the ultimate foundation and confidence to pursue future wine education and more importantly a future career in wine. The FWS program made me more focused on cultural and historical factors which affect each French wine region.