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Animals colouring worksheet.

Fly coloring pages

Good practice for young learners who know basic colours. Introduces 4 exotic animals and 10 colours. Very Young learners can practise basic reading skills while doing this worksheet.

Coloring Tips & Inspiration

Note: the colours of this ws are all mixed up and wil Target vocabulary: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, When I teach a subject I like to have a lot of different exercises to work on to stimulate every type of memory and make my class fun and For coloring in pen, neon colors would be a good choice for psychedelic coloring pages , take a look at my neon pen mandala coloring walkthrough for an example of the colors you can get.

An explosion of color may be best for coloring pages that have less of a retro feel to begin with. As you can see from some of the examples of psychedelic art, pretty much anything goes! Psychedelic color palettes are often considered bright, using numerous contrasting colors — so go for complimentary colors on your color wheel!

However there are also great examples of psychedelic rock posters from the 60s and 70s that only use two or three colors, like this brilliant psychedelic design from Wes Wilson. In these posters, the style of the design and saturated, but contrasting, colors makes the page feel psychedelic without bombarding your senses with colors. The choice is yours, you can go bold, bright and contrasting to give your page that rainbow explosion effect!

The latter approach works best on coloring pages with strong psychedelic design. You have chosen your psychedelic coloring page, picked your favorite pens or pencils and settled on a color scheme. All that is left to do is choose your favorite psychedelic soundtrack and zone out whilst coloring your page!

25 Free Printable Lisa Frank Coloring Pages

I then chose four bright colors and set to work, you can see how the bold colors stand out against the black line work. Not only do the colors have a distinctly psychedelic feel but I can tell you that coloring those jagged geometric shards on this coloring page soon sends you into a 60s trance too!!

Fresh Fruits Drawing And Coloring Pages For Kid 2

If colors inspire you and like Lisa Frank, you are fond of making every drawing sparkle with colors, then stay indoors this summer to spray colors onto free Lisa Frank coloring sheets to print in the typical Lisa Frank style! Too good to be true, this sweet and fairy-like angel kitty has all the seven colors of the rainbow in its feathers and wings!

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Even its eyes are double colored with blue and green. The angel kitty is otherwise white in color with specks of the monochrome color on his fur coat. Caymus is extremely fond of accessories — as seen in the picture she is particularly fond of rainbow-colored pearls, the colorful bracelet and the crown on her head. The golden fur of the dog represents the color of the Arizona sun.

Seen here she is posing like a top model for the cover picture of a fashion magazine. The Dolphin sisters are leaping up and down as the sun sets, while the mermaid sits on the bottom of the sea with her box of pearls and giggling it out with her sea friends. The three Dolphins have one common trait — they loved biding adieu to the sun each evening with joy and happiness.

Our glamour girl is a true perfectionist when it comes to fashion and she hates bad odor.

Full Body Mickey Mouse Drawing

Seen here in this picture, she is spraying her best perfume before moving out. While coloring, remember her preferred color is sparkling pink. This kitty is also a fashionista in herself — too much of glamour and touch-me-not types.

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This ultra-fashionable girl is so much fond of clothes, glamour, make-up, jewelry and perfume. On the way to becoming a fashion model, seen in this picture she is out shopping for gems and jewels looking glamorous as ever!

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The personalities match too. The purple-colored kitten is Playtime and Sunflower, her sweet little friend is yellow in color. These two make such an innocent looking charming pair. Seeing them on paper and other stationery, so many kids across America dreamt of owning a purple or a yellow colored kitten. Seen in this picture, this male golden retriever is cutting his birthday cake. Along with his best buddy Candy, they keep relishing tasty snacks the entire day. Covered by a bright fluorescent golden coat these two pups are the cutest of the lot.

Lisa Frank in actuality had two golden retrievers. Extremely fond of fashion, even when she has to apply colors to a picture she is doing to one of the fashion accessories — the boots — so similar to what she herself is wearing.